You’re just not ready… CYA

Have you ever been frustrated?

Well I have, just now I am frustrated that I can’t get the words out about what I’m trying to tell you.

Maybe I’m NOT READY to write this article?

I mean, I know where I’m trying to head with it and I know it will valuable for you but…

Fuck it!

Here’s a graph…

And don’t get caught up in the nerdiness of the title.

Nerdy, overcomplicated names piss me off too.

So, let’s call it the ‘How to level-up circle of radness’

Now, how is this crucial to todays musings?

I have a community of roughly 4,000 people.

And almost 80% of them I would class as NOT being stoked with their drinking habits.

AKA. They came in at a 7 out of 10 or below, when asked how happy they were with their drinking.

Stats from my community — Open Sauce is delicious

I believe I have many things that can get them up into the 8’s, 9’s and potentially 10’s, so what’s happening?

Does this mean I’m a shit mentor?


Or maybe I don’t have the right tools for them.

Also possibly…

But what’s more interesting to me, and for the purposes of this article, is that we could layer over the Circle of Radness.

I asked myself ‘where are most of the people (7s and belows) at right now?’

Most I would say are at a point of Decision and Active Change…

They’ve moved through pre-contemplation and contemplation, they may have downloaded my app, or are doing some form of journaling.

They are making some form of action toward better drinking habits.

The problem is that most of them aren’t genuinely Ready TO DO THE HARD THING, knuckle down through Active Change and move into Maintenance.

They like to say they’re doing the work, but when presented with the TRUE work:

Getting clear on why they want to change, Applying basic systems like self-reflection, seeking an accountability person to keep them on track…

All available things.

They just don’t do enough of the HARD THING.

Please note: This is my passive community, my active community are awesome and those who are doing the work are getting results like dramatic health shifts away from life-threatening diseases, increases in performance at home and at work and just generally fucking loving the skin they’re in.

The passive community could be awesome, they just need to take stock, self-assess, ask ‘What do I truly want? And what am I willing to do to get there?’

My epiphany is you CAN’T make someone ‘BE READY’.

You CAN, however, invite them into the prospect of them BECOMING READY.

Give them the things they need to go from ‘Contemplation’ to ‘Decision’ and hopefully through to ‘Maintenance’.

AKA Providing free advice, content and tools to kickstart their journey, inviting them to workshops for realtime feedback, making you and the people you learn from available etc. etc.

But they’ve gotta want it.

The invite is for people who want to round out the year and step-up.

I don’t have a lot of time to deal with people in Contemplation.

I want those ready to rip.

‘But don’t we all’, I hear you say.

‘Yes, yes we do.’ I reply. ‘And let’s be explicit’.

And this is me being explicit to my community:

1) If you’re an 8 or above — awesome and let’s keep leveling-up together. I’m a long-term player, looking for other long term players to play the long-game with.

2) If you’re a 7 or below and you haven’t contacted me. Contact me (details below): — I get back to everyone and if I’m not the right person or don’t have the right things to drive you towards success, I know a bunch of other people and programs that can.

3) If you’re neither, AKA not already doing the work, or willing to be honest with yourself /willing to Become Ready.

I love you, I wish you well, but CYA, please leave or unsubscribe.

This started out as words over coffee, turned into an article and evolved to be a message to my community.

Free-writing is rad.

So is the circle.

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