Will Hubspot be the bringers of Sunshine?

I have a new movement starting very soon.

Some may call it a business, but I feel like a movement is more the key motivator for its creation. And we don’t need more businesses anyway.

We don’t have typical roles in this movement and we are exploring new ways of interacting and working together. Future-based thinking in the present is paramount because the old systems don’t cut it for what we’re trying to create.

Plus, to use my terminology, we want to be able to ‘Froth on’ every day.

Which is to continually find ourselves in a state of joy, consistent immersion into group flow, to work towards new ways of being to activate this next period in what some are calling ‘The Great Human Survival.’


No they’re not.

I just made that up too.

How did it land for you?

So my role, much in the same vein of TGHS, was bestowed upon me.


I’m not quite sure what it means, except that I’m pretty good at moving fast and finding legends to help me do it.

I also like the idea of action and I’m a firm believer that the fence doesn’t exist anymore.

You, in your current existence, breathing your breathe right now and reading this article, are either sending humanity toward an early grave, or you’re on the upswing of doing your darndest to unfuck this situation.

So where do you stand?

But back to the Activator…

I heard this dude deliver a keynote about how him and his bro turned their passion for creating T-shirts into a 9 figure business, which for the past (many years) have been grounded in positive impact, raising stacks of money along with developing physical movements of their own. (Bert from Lifeisgood.com if you’re playing at home — massive frother).

Anyway, he said, “find people that make you feel like sunshine.”

I know exactly who he means…

Those that when you are in their presence or finish a conversation with them, you feel ready to run at the day.

They are the bringers of the smiles, they are the connectors of the hearts, they are thefrothers!

So this week, I become a student.

And this article wasn’t set to focus really hard on a software product.

But I’ve needed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for a while.

So I checked 5 out upon recommendations from different people.

Then I saw Hubspot, which is free and has tutorials.

I’m going to be a Hubspot student next week and approach it like so.

Let’s see where it takes me.


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