Ventilators, Decelerators, and Coffee Optimisation(literal mouth full)

My new coffee shops…

Hold up! Who gets multiple new coffee shops?
Well I do, that’s who.

Because when life gives you two coffee shops, you drink coffee in them both with gratitude.

My two new coffee shops are fucken’ awesome.

They’re both in Doonan,

a beautiful outer suburb, west of Noosa on the Sunny Coast.

One is a sleek coffee brewery with all the cold brews and drips you could ask for.

Complete with a blonde surfer dude frother behind the counter to yarn with about tubes and radness.

And today I find myself among the trees in the other.

So many trees and the people are lovely.

It’s more like a homestead vibe.

But as I sip my mug cappuccino on coconut, nil sugar.
I realise I’ve made a fatal mistake.

I forgot to ask for 1.5 shots instead of 2!!!!

My business and also my business, is the observation game.

I observe my habits and in particular my vices.

A few months ago, a group of 7 of us from my 101 Tokens Crew did a 7 day Vice Observation Challenge.

It was $7.

How fucking cute is that shit.

(Note: The use of language to uncute’n the world cute)

The 7 on 7 for 7 selected a vice and observed it for a week.

No necessity to change it as you go, but if you felt like it

You damn sure could.


And I picked Coffee.

Because if there’s one willing addiction I have it’s roasted beans and boiling water mixed with some milk of various varieties and some chocolate on top.

If I wasn’t drinking one now, I’d have coffee envy and a subsequent dopamine spike leading me to buy one.

Through the challenge I did change up my coffee game.

I observed how much food I’d eaten pre-coffee.

I played around with times, types of coffee and their strengths

And I landed on the following:

1.5 shots in a mug at a coffee shop before food.


Anything more I get a little over-frothed, which leads to anxiousness.

Which is shit.

So as I write this I’m waiting to start wigging.

Sure, I could drink half the coffee, but the amount is important to me.

The length the coffee lasts me is the right length for me to write radness.

Coffee is a performance hack.

It gives you super human brain speed and insights if you harness it right.

If you’re one of those people who says coffee doesn’t effect me anymore,
IMO you’ve fucked it.

Perhaps, try some medicinal mushys or nootropics then.

For me, introducing two people who instantly resonate and start to Yes& into Group flow is like finding two new bangen’ coffee shops serving 1.5 shot caps on coconut, nil sugar.

Yesterday, I introduced Rob to Murray and Murray to Rob.

After some proper fucken’ roflcopter moments, we landed on the beginning of the structure for the Syntropic Accelerator…

And first thing was to compost the word accelerator.

We riffed on Decelerator, Actuator, exhilarator.

Because we’re piloting with the Beepbreath it could be a Ventilator Program.

Which is pretty fucken’ awesome, because the purpose for the “acclerator” could be something along the lines of

‘breathing life back into humanity & the planet.’

Hold up!

I could edit this back in above, but the coffee shop is shutting soon.

I’ve almost jumped the gun!!!

The first thing I (we) do on calls is to check-in with each other.

A battery check.

Simply, what’s you %?

And Rob added in an extra element.

Are you in stasis, ascending or descending, because batteries fluctuate.

That’s a key element, because if someone is on the way down, we can assist with that.

ON the way up, they can pull us up with them 😃.

Like the Mighty Ducks flying V. Sort of.

What we’re actually doing is setting a precedent for all calls.

So when we hit the ground, we don’t hit it running, that’s bad for your knees.

We land together.

Enquire into each other and support each other to take off again.

We hit the ground separately, steady ourselves together and take off again as one.

Inadvertently we were embodying the first session in the accelerator and demonstrating flow priming for future cohorts (at all times in their business) from the get-go.

The next part is what parts of your current narrative are essential to bring to the table.

Key word ‘essential’ and can flow with the % explanation or keep it separate.

All three of us are fluent in active listening and so this didn’t need to be stipulated.

There was a mutual respect from the outset. Note: this may need to be established for me’s from 2016, who love the sound of their 65% bogan voice and talk over people.

As we cut to the chase…

Next was a rolling adaptive experience and we formulated the below.

Here’s the Structure for the Syntropic ‘not-Accelerator’

( — Week One — ) Hi there

Battery checks / Intro x anything essential / conversations and priming for group flow (the fucken’ Beep Breath maybe)

(- Week Two -)

Accelerator’d accelerator…

Everything in a generic Entropic Accelerator in 60mins for composting before week three.

(- Week Three -)

Emergent and at this stage based on the strongest curiosity we have as a collective???????

(Week Four -Week Not Sure)

Emergent AF!

To explain next week, Murray will lead us through the tasting plate on everything that’s in a standard accelerator. Like the creative who picks the book up and says, in a French accent

“Fuck you, autheurr!!!

I’ll read this from le’ back page first and then I’ll read your chapter out of order because I’m full blown anarcheee.”

And we can cherry pick what we need, along with identify those in the Syntropic community / other aligned souls who could help us.

‘Dynamic Subordination’ — Whoever knows the next move takes charge.

So we ask ‘Who would the people be delivering the different parts?’

This will be our attempt for Murray, in consultation with Christine, Rob and myself to let this emerge.

So that’s enough for today.

But I’ll leave you with some other curiosities to muse on with this journey?

‘How can logic fit within a froth structure?’

‘Who’s new coffee shop are we all meeting at in November?’

‘Will this uncertainty allow us to hack flow, perhaps find causal flow as a living and breathing organism?’

And without a doubt, most importantly

‘How do we light a candle in the Rave Cave?
So we can party our way to salvation, or at least go down dancing.’

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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