Understanding Group Flow with Keith Sawyer

Of a morning many people punish a coffee to launch into their Most Important Task.

I Find Frothers.

This conversation is with Keith Sawyer one of the Fathers of Flow, studying under the Grandfather, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Keith is also the Don of Group Flow having written Group Genius and many other rippers.

Here we chat about all those things and dive into:

- Frameworks which are relevant to anyone who wants to perform well in a team.

- How some forms of tension are important for expansion.

- Why sameness and cohesion isn’t the promised land that we might think.

Leveling up in Group Settings should be applicable to everyone, unless you’re a turbo-loner, living in a cave in the Himalayas without the internet.

Which means you wouldn’t be reading this.

Keith’s work and this conversation featured heavily in my thesis with the Flow Genome Project.

Note: When I get super frothed up in the morning I sometimes launch the waffle-copter and talk for way too long… (A 7 minute Benny monologue coming at ya)

In this instance, I needed Keith to understand where I was coming from and unpack my brain, but I wouldn’t advise doing this when you only have half an hour with someone. hahaha

Round Two Keith mate!?!?!?

PS. I recommend the book Group Genius almost once a week.

Def check it out and I’d be happy to set up a morning froth session to discuss it with ya.

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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