Trading Ganj for the Garden

The great plant swap

I was chatting with a friend today.
We were talking about weed/

A friend of his was having trouble kicking her habit.

It was Long. Engrained. Cultural.
A crutch.

They spoke for a while and came to the conclusion she needed to find something bigger than herself.

Something to replace the hours of being baked with.

It took her a while to work it out.
Days in fact.

Then suddenly it came to her.

A Garden.

The swap.
Coalescing with one plant for another.

211 days after their conversation, he got a letter in the mail with photos of the garden.

211 days without a joint.

What a gift.

If you’ve just arrived here,
I dislike the saying, ‘everything in moderation.’

I prefer, ‘everything in optimisation.’

For many, a joint is a part of a potent life full of vitality.
For others, they’re better without it.



Benny Wallington - Vice Optimist

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