The man who helped me drink less alcohol

And I DIDN’T join his community

Benny Wallington - Vice Optimist
3 min readMar 27, 2024
Photo borrowed from Tim’s website.

I was asked the other day what helped me drink less alcohol.

And the answer was Tim Ferriss.

He was my favourite entrepreneur through my 20s after listening to his podcast and reading his books. You might know the four hour work week and tools of titans. Etc. They’re great. I know multiple friends who’ve borrowed his principles to build amazing businesses.

So how did he help me?

An Abstinence Challenge

In 2015 Tim was doing a no wanking, no alcohol monthly challenge. And I thought about it before deciding,

I don’t want to do either of those things.

BUT there was a silver lining.
Something he’d been saying throughout all of his work.

Treat your life as an experiment.

So I took his advice and designed my own experiment.

My Own Challenge

I was drinking 4–5 nights a week at the time which is 200+ times a year.

I decided twice a week was a healthier number for me.



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