Mastermating with your Mator

Murray, our mentor, our mate, our mator used our project to pull himself out of a funk this morning. Funk yeah!

Perfect timing too, because Rob mentioned he had to do a nude run if he hadn’t had a proper crack at the Beepbreath before our next meeting.

Accountability is a two way street in a Syntropic Decelerator Program.

rolled in to our new coworking space in Miami on the GoldCoast, Karma Hub. A pretty groovy open warehousey space with a lot of colourful humans sparking creativity throughout.

Murray, chuffed when I gave him the knuckle of appreciation, almost dropped a 15 on the Beepbreath, which is a quality score for a first hit. Especially if you haven’t done a lot of conscious breathing practices.

The week before, and I put our performance coach hat on. Murray rolled into the meeting at around a 20% (we battery check to kickoff every meeting).

Murray says that coming to meet me in the flesh or jam with Rob and I online is a ‘power up’, to use our FGP coach colleague mate Kevin Votaw’s terminology.

I would call it a frothy conversations with Frothers.

Murray leaves with a backpack full of frothy resonance /Energy to take into what ever his next challenge is.

Without having done the integral audit with Murray, there’s a clear energetic exchange between us.

We didn’t spend too long on jamming on this topic of 20% but did enquire into where Murray finds flow and whipped up a ‘mini-mal’eable program for him to play with if he found himself at a 20% again.

Low and behold, Murray in the Blizzardy depths of a -20 this fine morning. But a testament to the man, tapped into some of his epicness, spending some time designing, free from restraint, Kickstarting his power-up before settling into the Beepbreath.

After he finished with that rad score; energised, he rode his fixie in for the jam.

Muzz beamed that on the ride“he felt like he was taking in the wind straight into his system.”

Rob quipped that he’d created a “wind tunnel” and then referenced James Nestor’s book Breath, where people used specific Co2 infused breathing techniques and having wild results.

Even though technically we’ve been birthing this into the world for some time now. It still feels right for

“Can I get a profitable from Day One!!!”

The big questions for this hang were:

Does this make money?

How much do we charge?

Who do we gift it to?

What’s the purpose?

Why are we here?

Fuck that was a lot of questions…

In a Syntropic World, this is the time to refer back to the Source Idea and what we perceive to be our evolutionary purpose. This should have been the time we pulled those out, but as we marinate on what those mean and leading into a synthesis of developing a Trust Manifesto, this is still becoming apparent.

Rob and I were riffing last week over the Source Idea and Evolutionary Purpose.

And the Chief-steward had set us some questions to tease these out.

Me, facilitating the questions and Rob, without prompt, sets himself up as if he were doing some breathwork or a lay down meditation.

I naturally, yes &’d this and launched into a prime for the conversation by dropping us into the breath and the space.

Then Rob one up’d this, because when I began the questions, unbeknownst* to me, he used a breathing technique to answer them.

Studying the breath over a ten week program with Dr Leah Lagos, Rob had found what I’m going to call a ‘clarity cadence’ that allowed him to answer from what I felt was a heart space.

Breathing in for four seconds and answering the questions for 6.5 seconds on the out breath.

Today when I reflected on this I was so grateful to be cocreating this with Rob.

Murray mentioned that we could be the frothers in residence for the Decelerator when it officially kicks off next year.

I like this, because as we continue to explore we’re combining our skills, quirks and adaptability to birth a true frothbear.

Sure, these questions could have been answered on a sheet of paper with a warm cuppa and some background jazz music. However, for tapping the elixir of our memory and its space within the quantum field, a ‘clarity cadence’ using the breath as the metronome is another flowy arrow in the quiver river.

*I’ve never used that word. Where did that come from? Who fucken’ says Aussies are bogans ay. Ay.

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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