Little black book vs little blue book

Some people have a little black book.
I have a little blue book.

My little blue book has about 13.7 different workshops in it.

I often piece together workshops to build new ones on the fly.

Pulling radical quotes of poets past.

My blue book is alive and we weave a new story every time.

Inviting those present to feel the words and let them work their ways through their bodies.

As a side note: You would have multiple stories working their way through you right now.

My blue book and I have been around the world.

Our favourite workshops have been in shorts, party shirt and no shoes.

This morning we’re designing a new old workshop for a group of rad men.

The best part… We’re also in the workshop and piecing together the next chapter of our own path.

I learnt this style of interactive talk/ workshop delivery in Tasmania from a storyteller named Joe Lightfoot

If you ever get the chance to hear him weave, I recommend it.

So does my blue book.

Bluebook in Croatia



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