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Leave your Headphones off

Benny Wallington - Vice Optimist
2 min readMay 23, 2024

How this one little trick will… ‘enough bullsh!t’

There are two older blokes I see at the coffee shop most mornings I drive to the office.

They wear flannos and look at that age where they’re probably retired and could also be still working full time on the land.

They’re always in here yarning up.

It seems to be a morning ritual.

Maybe they have an evening one at the pub too.

This is a connection time, sacred and honest.

And you know how I know it’s honest..?

I left my headphones off this morning.

I do it sometime because Rory Sutherland and John Heggarty told me to at different times while I was in London.

Something along the lines of ‘missing the world, all its joys, beauties and insights as it drifts on without us, if we let it.’

So here I am, just smashed a bacon and egg roll and I’m not ‘really’ listening in.

There’s the bloke who’s been doing most of the talking.

I reckon caffeine sends him into riffs and rambles like myself.

As it seems like sometime since he’s taken a breath he stops abruptly



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