Best coffee in the village.

It takes a Village to raise a Frothbear

There are three pigs on the Shambala farm.

Peppa is the older one, she rules the Mud Roost.

Porkie and Pretzel are the young whipper snappers.

And despite their names, they’re not for eating.

Did you ever think how messed up it was for Warner Bros to call Porky, Porky Pig. I only just thought about this now.

Maybe the three little pigs were actually named Porky, Hamy and Keviny.
Was going to drop Jony in there for the second one, like the dude from Mad Men. But thought it may confuse you. But hey, feel free to give me, the writer, credit for the strategic thinking involved to infuse whit.

No these three are a core part of the farm family.

The farm’s ecology.

They’re good vibes, eat well and oblige to have a yarn when you stroll past.

Especially for the young humans who visit to learn and feed the pigs in-between planting seedlings.

BTW If you’re new here,

I’m cocreating a project with my mate Rob (one of Australia’s best performance coaches) under the guidance of my mate Murray Galbraith (One of Australia’s best start-up mentors) with the mentorship of my mate Christine McDougall (One of Australia’s best system thinkers) and our gang of merry mates at

Pretzel, Porky and Peppa are a pretty fun example for the project.

Yep, let’s tee off on this metaphor.

This little Startup went to market

Most of the current versions of a start-up accelerators are for rearing fat-fucken’ pigs for market.

You bring your little piggy into the pen with nine or so other animals.

There’s a chicken, a duck, a cow and I’ll let you imagine the others. You may throw in a baby giraffe, a whale, maybe a walrus.

Over the next 8–12 weeks, under the guidance of mentors, possibly sharks, who want the best within their version of what ‘the best’ is.

In most cases, the process is to understand whether your pig is a runt or will be good to use one day. The whole thing is a harm minimisation strategy for their bank accounts.

If it’s a runt,

it can be killed early.

Unless, there’s some ‘Charlottes Web’ heroics to save it.

If you haven’t read the classic, the young girl Fern, upon hearing that the runt of the litter is going to be killed, saves Wilbur’s life with a pretty sweet argument about injustice.

Wilbur is nurtured and loved by Fern and and then other animals too. He really thrives under the guidance of Charlotte, a spider, becoming more valuable than anyone could have imagined.

But, if you’re a Wilbur in a traditional accelerator you’re bacon.

If you’re not a runt and your idea has good thick legs,

then begins the fattening process.

Your project becomes a commodity with the highest yield at the market becoming the goal.

This demonstrates an entropic, self-destructing process.

In 2016, Douglas Rushkof was jamming about Twitter turning over half a billion Roberts a quarter and being an abject failure on Wall Street.

I’m aware I’m cherry picking here to prove a point.
Do pigs like cherries?

None the less, little piggy is exploited.

Murray mentions that the goal in these things are ‘Hyper-growth.’

Picture little piggy,

“Righto mate, are you ready for some hyper-growth?” as the foodtube is jammed down the throat.

Or cue AI and you get Orson Wells’ Animal farm.

Traditional accelerators are highly efficient.

Taking sometimes, thousands of ideas and accompanying founders and synthesising them into a small pool.

And like investors, they know full well that 9/10 of these finalists in the competition at market will be killed, or exploited till they die on their feet.

In our deceleration syntropic accelerator, we’re seeking to come along side our baby pig. Or maybe he’s a micro-pig

Have you seen those? Right when I’ve probably lost the reader anyway because you’ve know searched micro-pig….

I’m going to have to do this.

Apologies, because you’ve most likely fallen in love with our micro-babe.

But in our case, the animal in the mix is not a pig.

He’s a FrothBear.

Our little Baby Frothbear.

He’s black and frizzy, laying on his back in the palm of your hand.

With doughie eyes, he yawns and smiles at you.

He’s magical.

In love yet?

His single talent so far is ‘guiding people to breath consciously.’ When he grows up, maybe a billion people?

See — magic.

At this stage, Rob and myself are his proud parents,

Since he was born, he’s already gifted us so much value in our own lives, making him ‘profitable from day one’ and day one was some time ago.

But as we know, it takes more than proud parents.

It takes a village to raise a frothbear.

So this next step is about how does the Frothbear play in the world?

Like our Pretzel, Porky and Peppa, how does frothbear fit into the successful ecology of our lives.

We need to provide protection from evil, but also not stifle his growth.

It’s worrying as a parent.

Do we keep him in hibernation for a little longer, or light the way to the rave cave and let him dance with the world.

The next phase of the DSA is to hold the Frothbear in our hands and hearts and redo the Syntropic Accounting exercise.

But this time infusing some polarity mapping. A tool Rob and I bring with us having been exposed to it in our Flow Genome training.

We’re building this thing on the fly.

Pigs might fly, but Frothbears definitely do.

It’s hard to see how this can fail now. Too much bear, too much froth.

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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