This week I’ve been thinking about how much of my time I’d like to dedicate to soil per week.

The 8 hours I’ve been working on the farm go really fast.

We begin at 6, down tools at 2.

There’s a bunch of studies I can’t be fucked finding that say that we’re only really efficient for 6 hour hours of the day max.

Beyond that, sure we can work on,
most of us Derricks and Derricas do for someone else’s business, and for the most part on projects that are fisting the planet,
but we become a hollow shell of ourselves.

On the farm,
I’d say for working time, we’d be damn close to 6 efficient hours.

My cup is full.

This arvo, following the farm sesh I hosted a live call for my Reunion community.

I felt very chill, swung in a bit of breath work and introduced our guest, Joshy my cabin mate, to discuss how we can become more activated as humans.

We then riffed as a group on what we can do about the #PeP11 bill which currently allows the ongoing offshore oil testing between Sydney and Newcastle.

Please, if you feel called to call out the fuckeness, check out this link and do what you can.

Have a PeP talk with your local MP.
Puns for climate action vibes ;)

After that I caught the end of Daniel Christian Wahl, the fella who wrote ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’ talk for my Syntropic Community.

Main lessons, sort your own shit it out and then learn about your bioregion and start to support that. This is also good.

I don’t feel like an activist. I never have.

In fact, the time I decided I was going to try and be one AKA

Join a Green Party convoy to go and lock-on to stop the Adani Mine Diggers, I decided I was better spent behind a computer.

And with that, and a similar epiphany for a bunch of my buds, we created ‘Vote for the Planet’.

A cunning plan to take the politicians out of the election and have people vote for policies for the planet over penguins in suits.

Aren’t penguins already in suits?

And Vote for the Planet Chapter Two is on the way. .

But given the top of this thought,

fuck it,

I’d like to retract my last statement.

I’m not ‘better spent’ behind a computer.

Because that’s what we end up ‘Spent, behind a computer.’

I’m better regenerated out in the sun.

Harvesting food, picking weeds, watching animals.

Yarning with frothy humans who are doing the work.

I quipped to Josh the other day…

The formulae is simple:

1) Slow down 2) immerse in nature

After that’s done, you’re good to go for the rest.

Activism, nude frolicking in the rain, eating oreos
the first 3 things that came to my brain
I don’t even eat oreos.

And sure you can hit the keyboard.

And some days it might be more than you like.

but I feel a good chunk of those two things above each day and you’re going to be way better off to take on the interweb gnarliness.

We’re coming into some of the gnarlier times too.

I’m frothing to get right amongst Vote for the Planet 2, plus bringing a conscious breathing project to life and continue to speak out for Vice Optimisation.

Haha, the last one makes me laugh. See my website for what I mean.

Who knows.

This is a stream of consciousness….

And I have a really irritating ingrown pube.

Not everything about sweaty work is rainbows ya’ll :D

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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