How to Optimise the ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ Strategy

I’m Giggling at that title. Are you allowed to comment on your Title in your sub-head?

Benny Wallington - Vice Optimist
3 min readMar 26, 2024
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‘Happy Wife — Happy Life’

I used to hear this a lot on worksites and at football training etc. etc. I’ve said it, more than multiple times.

But before we go Mad Max Fury Road, if we put away our PCnesses for a minute and sub out wife for husband, partner etc etc. There’s some truth to it.

The gurus would say you don’t need someone else to be happy for you to be happy and that’s true…

BUUUUTTTTT…. When you’re in a partnership there’s something to be said about collective happiness.

And I’ve had multiple conversations recently about drinking having a negative consequence on partners…

Things like…

‘You’re drinking too much’

‘I don’t like the way you act when you’re drunk’

‘I don’t like the way you act when you’re hungover.’

Most of us have a shorter temper when we’re hung over. Me included. I can be a bit of Clark Kent.

I’m not a parent but I know through clients that kids pick up on things…



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