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Awaken the weird within

Benny Wallington
2 min readMay 12, 2021


When I was weird,
I saw absolutely everything…

I had an “invisible” blue friend called Doody.

I spoke with everyone as if they had a story to tell,
because they did.

I thrived on rolly-polly competitions down grassy hills.

I thought farts were so so funny,
I would waddle to my tapedeck and record each one.
Ohh to find that tape...

I knew a giant monster lived in a great mound of dirt by the railway station,
I would run past him on my way home,
daring not look
for fear my eyes would wake him up.

Before I slept,
I made sure the last thing I saw on TV was beautiful,
because that beauty would infiltrate my dreams.

I wrote stories that didn’t need endings.

I shot energy from my hands through the television set and into my favourite tennis players, when I did!
They would win the next point.

When my Dad was late. And hadn’t arrived home from working in the city.
I knew that bad things could happen, but I’d pray they didn’t.
If a scary thought came up I would say,
“that could happen, but I fully on hope it doesn’t.”
And it didn’t.

I drank warm milk with milo ‘religiously’ on Friday nights.
The kid on the ad kicked the ball so hard,
it pushed the goalie back through the net.
I scored lots of goals.

In the shower,
I would practice how I would react when we visited the bank the next day.
I arrive with Mum when out of nowhere a robber bursts in to steal the money!
I’d fight the robber with my white belt Karate skills,
save Mum, save the money
and also save the best looking girl in my grade
who also happened to be at the bank,
of course.

When I was weird,
I saw absolutely everything,
that I was weird.

This poem is from an exercise I run with people in a workshop called ‘Awaken the Weird within’

Last week we ran the ‘Awaken the weird within’ with our Syntropic World community. It was a powerful experience with a bunch of amazing humans from across the world. And I make it clear to begin we’re awakening the Wyrd ‘meaning calling or destiny’.

Maybe it’s weird to follow that these days ;)

If this poem has inspired you, contact me about running the workshop for you or your community —

you can copy the first paragraph and the last,
sit somewhere quiet, channel your inner child
and write away…



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