Hidden Harry: Why late night hidden habits will only get heavier

Change your relationship to vices, upgrade your life.

Do you know a fella named Hidden Harry?

He usually doesn’t show up until late at night,
when the kids have gone to bed.
See, Harry rolls in for the late shift.
‘We’re workin’ here!’ ya say.

But it’s all covert.
Harry may as well work for the CIAy.

Most of the time spent with Harry isn’t enjoyable.

I ask them what they drink with Harry
and it’s mostly bottom shelf shite.

What does it tell you about those late nights with Harry?

I never really hid my drinking habit.
Happy to tell everyone I drank most nights while cooking dinner.

Mine was in full-sight.
Belters n’ all.

So when I’m yarning with blokes about hiding it from their partners and their kids. I was scrambling to resonate…

And in this moment, you probably sense that’s a lie, because…

When I first lived in Sydney and really…



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