Gotta Send It! The truth depends on It

Benny Wallington
6 min readSep 23, 2021


Late last night,
officially so late it was the next day,
an email dropped by,
twas my buddy.

He’d picked up the thread on a project several lifetimes in the making.
And yesterday was the deadline…

The weight of a deadline is heavy if you let it drag you under.
The weight of a line that’s very much alive with the hopes and dreams of the ones you love on the end can break yo motha fucken back*.

The email had an apology
and a link to a Loom video.

Loom’s a nifty little web app that allows you to record your screen with your little face at the bottom.
Like that prick paperclip ,
less annoying

On the free account, you get five minutes.
Challenge set.
Are you fit to fit your spit into such small spaces?


I’ve adorned the Derrick suit many

And in the Loom was a tired tired friend of mine.
The first part of his sacred five was filling us in on the tough times in his household,
pushing back delivery.

Ahhh Chronos — the Greek God who lobbed his Dad’s knob off one night with a blade.
If you know about Chronos, it wasn’t the best move.
It doesn’t tend to turn out well for those who force things.

As my friend Jacquie says,
‘Ideas are like farts,
if you force them
they might be shit.’

However, under the pressure,
my friend delivered magic.

He left parts behind because the five mins stopped him,
yet we got his gist.

To the outsider,
or any other ‘standard you’ who expects projects delivered “Professionally” I’d say you’d have been miffed or more…

Through the western lens, you’d have been focused on the project idea not coming through clear as rain…

We forget the human forging the idea.


Up late last night I was,
battling against Chronos’s clock.
A Freudian phallus,
on the slippery verge,
right there..

Delivering for a client across the seas,
on work,
I could ‘almost’ take or leave,
but need to pay these bills,
you see!

How great is creative writing?
Am I righting?
Am I writing?
Or, am I rhyming?
How’s my timing?*

*Line breaks are very important.
It’s my favourite thing when editing.
How can I hop, skip and step with you,
dear reader as you hum to the tune..?

You are humming aren’t you?

Poets have this down.
My buddies Steve and Leslie know this well.
And it’s not just the page,
a presentation,
or a gloomy loomy…
This whole life can be poetry
if we listen out for it.

Now where was I?

I heard yesterday Billy Conolly was a master of “forgetting” his spot and getting away with it.

Too many beers, a degenerative disease, or sheer genius…
the eternal wizard with the purple beard at it again.

Chronos, you say!
Late I was,
I’d been on a three-hour yarn with a bunch of travellers.

We were on our first-step
into our second-year apprenticeship
with Yarn Australia.

Weaving ourselves into the oldest oral tradition we know.
Arriving alongside the mission to connect indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in intentional stories.

Wandering the windy path together and once a month,
I about-face and hoot on back down the road to co-host
for those in the wanders of year one.

I’m lucky to have been placed into communities that encourage this about-face.

A polarity to the shuttupayaface
of climbing the ladder and pretending you care about the interns,
when deep down you know you’re leading them into a trap.

But perhaps that’s part of their way.
Who’s to say!

I wouldn’t take back my soiree’
with the trappings of my 20's.*

*Speaking of Soiree’
I went to a burlesque show with my darling Jacqui on Tuesday night. If you’re on the Goldy — Highly recommend it. Watching people in mega flow, flying roflcopters around a bar-style theatre, sexual innuendo for days, perhaps weeks!
And god that (token) Old Fashioned tasted gracious.

Did you know for every three complaints you make, it takes three frothy moments (or gratitudinous plugs for magic) to bring you back to level.
There’s one for the day.

And I’m also reppin’ Yarn of course!

Oh yeah Back to thee yarn…

And on the yarn, we looked at varying perspectives of first nations conversations and us ye’ old settler folks.

The message from it all was the human in the story.
Let me repeat.
The human in the story.
In their story and their relationality to country, the place, to community and then the project is a part of that.

Some say we only exist within our relationality.

We haven’t got a culture where we check-in.
To ground in.
To be seen,
to lean in.


We did have a culture with all of these things …
We just might look under some of those rocks that we fear have spiders lurking.

But most spiders aren’t venomous and if they are…
I haven’t died from one of their bites yet.
Have you?

My mate’s presentation.
Was bumbling,
a little bit sad,
but it came from the heart,
and landed in mine.

He woke up in a cold sweat this morning.
Because that’s what we’ve done to each other.

Even between friends who love each other, we can still worry that we’re expecting something more,
more than their truth…

That’s the thing…
There’s nothing more.

Jolly Good!
That’s that solved.
Fucken awesome
Catchya’s next time.

Ahhhh but not so fast.

Status quo,
since long ago,
well at least for me
I tell the truth = I’m in trouble.

Ate all the leftover bolognese
Twas my bro (lie) = safety
Inhaled it and then some chips and chocolate (truth) = yelled at

Smashed the window with my cricket bat
Twas a bird (lie) = safety
Twas a bat (truth) = grounded

Run an illegal porn ring at primary school
Twas the Central Coast Mafia (lie) = safety
Twas us, we built our first business, sure twas illegal on multiple accounts, but the innovation!. Gahhd please see the innovation = grounded for weeks

I think I’ll take the lie
and I’ll have fries with that.

So it carries henceforth into our relationships.
White lies feel appropriate for this yarn.

But are they the best way to be?

Do we have to dress to impress?

If my buddy goes to bed,
wakes up in the morning,
has a shower,
Combs his hair,
Slams n’ espresso,
and delivers the project.

The project is there
but it’s superficial.

The human is not.

The project doesn’t exist without the relation to it with the human.

Slugging it out is part of the project.
The raw human
is the human we must see if we want to do the real work
with real humans.

So the next time you ‘dress to impress’,
have a think,
is it to hide something inside?

Something that you might need others to see.

And if you’re not “allowed” to express.

Maybe give us a holler over at Syntropic Studio.

We’ve got a thing or two for that.

BTW It‘s not quite bloomed yet,
it’s still in a loom.
So maybe
Freudian slip into my DMs
Yuk :P

References for the radness:
https://www.yarnaustralia.com/ — swing me a msg if you want more deets
https://www.chelseagreen.com/product/smoke-hole/ — I loved the book and there’s a series of the same name — wizardry.
https://syntropic.world/ — the seed from which the loom bloomed
https://www.pinkflamingogoldcoast.com/ — Get amongst some Cabaret and drink an old fashioned.



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