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  • Marco Altini

    Marco Altini

    Founder HRV4Training.com, Data Science @ouraring Lecturer @VUamsterdam. PhD in Machine Learning, 2x MSc: Sport Science, Computer Science Engineering. Runner

  • Josh Holliday

    Josh Holliday

    A Full Time Life Enthusiast

  • Krystal Wascher

    Krystal Wascher

    Attorney with a dozen side hustles.

  • The Startup

    The Startup

    Editors of The Startup (https://medium.com/swlh) + Curious (https://medium.com/curious) + Geek Culture (https://medium.com/geekculture)

  • Rob Gronbeck

    Rob Gronbeck

    Scratching my own itch with trans tech, neuro-psycho-bio-physiology from a scientist-practitioner-human perspective

  • Christine McDougall

    Christine McDougall

    Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better. syntropic.world

  • Dr. Harry Ofgang & Erik Ofgang

    Dr. Harry Ofgang & Erik Ofgang

    Dr. Ofgang has specialized in naturopathic medicine for over 35 years. Erik is senior writer at Connecticut Magazine. They are co-authors of “The Good Vices.”

  • Matty Lawrence

    Matty Lawrence

    Finding in life by making spaces for connection and empowering others to discover and express their most authentic, limitless selves.

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