Facebook is down! MEDIC!!!!

I thought with the glorious news that facebook was down that I should release my musings on why I quit my Whatsapp Groups and how I’m triaging all of my social media..

Let’s start with Whatsapp.

It’s been two weeks since I quit all of my whatsapp groups. I didn’t do it so I could write a blog, we’ve all seen enough of those…

However, this is a good opportunity for me to unpack my reasons and how I was apprehensive for some time.

In fact, I told my girlfriend Jacqui I was going to do it a week before I actually did.

I talked her through my reasons and she didn’t tell me either way, just let me speak in pros and cons and the cons won.

A huge part of my growth strategy (not business — life) in 2019 is to contribute.

I may have stolen this a bit off Jacqui as it’s a core part of her motivation for all of her actions.

But it was the reflection I needed to make me slow down.

I used to be one of the biggest addictsin the Whatsapp groups.

Writing anecdotes, finding memes, creating bespoke images — It was freaken’ great!

It’s a glorious dopamine hit when you know you’ve nailed it.

Like a comedian who has a killer joke but instead of knowing if it landed with a live audience, you have to manifest one of your friends to be taking a shit to be scrolling and send you a LOL or maybe even a ROFLCOPTER!!!

And while I was a big user of whatsapp, I did notice which friends were using it a lot and which ones drifted off.

Others who were reading stuff, but only piped up when they were spoken to directly or had something major to say.

Not just a speak for the sake of speaking Whatsapp user - like I was for the majority of my WA career.

Granted, my contribution was good when it was good.

But the last 2–3 months it had been pretty poultry.

To the point where a friend made a comment to see if I was still on the thread at all.

Yep Contribution and real, genuine connection.

Neither were getting the tick of approval.

I’d been running the story over in my head - Does anyone give a f*ck if you leave a group chat?

Would they take it as a personal attack in the same way I had when a friend left our group in the middle of its hay day — It was pumping (in my head).

This is a screaming double dutch standard if I’ve ever heard it.

We’re all ever-evolving, well most of us, are ever-evolving humans and sometimes you just feel like escaping.

This is like a poor man’s 21st-century attempt at moving to a foreign monastery to study in silence.

I’d just lobbed off one of my digital tentacles and it still felt raw, but the reality of the whole situation is!!!

And this may shock you…

All of my friends have ways to contact me. They can contact me through facebook, instagram, linkedin or go turbo retro and send me a text or give me a call.

One mate gave me a buzz to check and see if I’m all cool.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to, but it was a nice gesture.

I realise my timing could have been better, because a few things got thrown around that I didn’t care to respond to in relation to my work, which could seem like it would have triggered me to leave - but that wasn’t the case.

Unfortunately — The dopamine had left the building.

And it’s not to say I don’t want to hang with my mates.

It’s just that it…

I want to hang with my mates.

Like real life innit.

Save my energy online for working on my business, helping people shift their alcohol habits and other vices, provide some wisdom.

Write Medium articles that may get lost in the noise, but I don’t care because venting feels good ;)

I have thought about Instagram. I don’t care much for it. But now it’s a tool for sharing my message, not checking out my mate’s babies and their latest holidays.

I still want that. but have decided that facebook will be my channel for that.

So if I need a baby hit or don’t want to miss out on event invites I can just use that as my space (no pun intended).

I’d love for people to take a look at all their social channels like I have mine.

What is your intention for being on there?

Are you meeting that intention?

Is the medium stealing quality time?

Do you tell people that you’re too busy to do stuff when you’re spending hours on the death-scroll?

Hmmmm. To ponder these things is a pretty interesting way to spend an hour or an arvo.

I still felt a bit sick from cutting the tie for the week after.

But I know that time heals all digital wounds and my true mates will still be my mates.

Life has a funny way of lining you back up with the ones you need most.

I’m half-created a worksheet for evaluating your social media usage — It’s a massive vice — if you’d like it, swing me some claps (you can press it for as much as you want)and then send me an email benny@101tokens.com put ‘Social Vice’ in the title.

And if you’re really frothing, share with anyone who’s addicted to their socials…

Which is almost everyone :/

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Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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Benny Wallington

Benny Wallington

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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