Emergence amidst Emergency

The Demergent theory of progress

Benny Wallington - Vice Optimist
3 min readApr 21, 2024

Ooooh, zinger, that title. This is post is from notes I wrote a few years ago!
AKA the past….

I spent my Sunday evening/ night working on my website for the old project that I am barely working on — except for the odd coaching session or workshop.

And WTF!

I’d been allergic to my computer for most of 2022, so why did I suddenly spend my Sunday, the day I usually steer clear of technology altogether, working on a website for an old project?

Curious indeedy.

I have a hypothesis, perhaps a theory but I’m not sure exactly yet.
Those two have been getting all sorts of fusterclucked recently.
Anway, this is the thing.
I think.

When you have been working on emergent ideas for too long, you need something you know you know to calm the farm?

As one in the struggle phase of birthing something new, I went ahead and planted too many emergent garden beds.

I’ve recently moved from Kombumerri Country to Bundjalung and have been entrusted to look after a couple of acres of land.



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