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Blessings of a burnt tongue

Benny Wallington
4 min readOct 6, 2020


Early morning, amidst the froth of heading out to the firing point breaks of Noosa, expecting 4–5 ft waves.

A Cacau brewed for Josh and myself.

Nutmeg, cayenne, coconut sugar and a dash of funk yeah.

We hop in the truck with our cups full of hope and boiling nourishment.

I knew it, the first sip was fire!

‘Tss Fuck!’

The tongue burn. A blessing, because it reminded me that I hadn’t brought my water with me. An essential companion both pre and post-surf

I raced inside and grab it.

Back in the truck filling my travel mug a little to cool down the brew.

Second sip fire.

‘Tsss. Fuck!’

Burnt tongue two.

We start to yarn about how stupid we are with food when we know it’s too hot but we’re impatient. Like a rat in a cage experiment. We eventually learn…

But do we?

We roll out onto the uneven driveway of the farm and I decide to pop the lid to blow softly on the brew.



We hit a bunch of bumps and now the

‘Tsss. Fuck!!!’

is in relation to my scalded balls.

Cacau down my shirt and on the boardies too.

I jam the lid on and it makes more spill.

‘Tsss. Fuck!!!’

Burning at both ends, wasn’t the way I’d planned this. But whatever…

It sparks a good conversation with Josh and I.

The next phase today of the BeepBreath is a coming together of Murray Galbraith, Rob & Myself.

Murray and I have been training with Christine and the rest of the Syntropic Crew for some time now and what we’ve been working on in the background is an adapted Accelerator program.

If you’re fresh to an AC.

They’re big time in the startup world.

And they do what they say.

They accelerate your project.

Over 8–12 weeks you have access to mentors and companies that can help you get setup and profitable fast. In the old sense of profitability.

It’s usually for a fee of equity and you usually get a chunk of money too.

IMO This is old school and not the Syntropic style we’re aiming for.

At the end of the day, in most cases, an accelerator and the company running them are looking for that 10x return of investment in the form of cash money money.

Truth be known, I’ve alway wanted to be in an accelerator.

I even made my way to the final rounds in the selection of a few.

I almost moved to Amsterdam when I was 29 to join one.

A few reasons why I didn’t.

1) I didn’t make the cut and 2) I didn’t res’ with the guy who was hosting it.

Pretty important that if you’re going to give a chunk of your business to people, that you’re going to froth on hanging out with them for decent periods of time.

So insert Murray G. One of my favourite humans I’ve met since moving to the Gold Coast. He’s a systems thinker, designer and creative entrepreneur with a massive heart.

His biggest project to date was Australia’s biggest tech conference ‘Myriad’.

It doesn’t run anymore, but for a few years it was the Vegemite toast of Australia’s tech scene — they even chartered a private jet to fly a bunch of Silicon Valley humans in for it.

Pretty next level shit.

Murray and I jam on what’s wrong with the current systems (accelerators included) and why we really resonate on Syntropic.

Insert experimental session Day ONE.

In a few hours, we’ll be doing the first session of our version of an accelerator.

And while I was out surfing/ avoiding getting washed onto rocks, I had a thought around rapid transmission of information.

Insert Joshy, my buddy, who I’m staying with on the farm.

He lives up one end of our shipping container and I’m up the other.

A massive frother who attended a 101 Tokens workshop a few years ago.

Since then we’ve been weaving in and out of each others lives and this is the latest chapter. You’ll hear more about him over this experiment no doubt.

Joshy, runs the Regen Room and a program called Activated Human

So here’s how this conceptual thing will potentially go:

Rob and I do the first session with Murray for the BeepBreath.

I embody the process and run it for Joshy in the same week.

That’s scary to me, but if we want to give it a nudge.

And have the impact at the pace and scale we need to transition to a regenerative world, it feels like it’s worth a try.

And fuck Accelerator, while moving fast is most likely an imperative, one of Joshy and my mentors Warren Roberts from Yarn Australia told us some wisdom from one of his Aunties.

“If you try and get there fast, you never get there.”

So he we go. Caution to the wind. Grip it and rip it. Blessed by burnt tongues and all!



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