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Accelerate the deceleration… perhaps

I woke this morning with the understanding that I’d missed the point on the audit.

I was moving too fastish…

I cycled from the farm this morning. 15kms to do a new workout developed by my buddy and top 5 favourite frothers Brett Robbo.

‘The goal!?’ I hear you ask,

is to get me in shape, a peculiar notion,

for an Ironman this time next year.

So two lots of fitness, cycling into gym and I decide to jump in the pool for a lazy 1km.

100mtr intervals.

200mtrs without a break and think,

Thorpey you brilliant bastard. You. Are. Awesome.

Glide off the wall after a minute rest and my shoulder tweaks.

Grant Hackett you’ve lost it!

‘Move fast, break things’

Like your shoulder.

So how was I moving too fast with the Beepbreath?

Well, thinking too much about myself, which I know is necessary, but my realisation was that the accounting needs to be in direct relation to the idea.

More over, the evolutionary purpose, so Rob and myself as co-captains stewarding/breathing this to life, could get somewhat out of the way.

For example, I put down that I’d like $150K, a van and a tiny home.

In the audit you should be specific AF

This is nice Benny, and let’s aim high.

But, unless the van and the tiny home are an integral part of the the evolutionary purpose, like the van is a (BeepBreath) work van and the Tiny Home has a space dedicated to working from it, it shouldn’t factor.

It’s fine to have the $150k — if that’s what I want to pull out (reconsidering this also) but from that point it’s my cash to do with it what I wish.

So the exciting penny drop I had this morning, was to enquire with Rob about our office?

Why the fuck wouldn’t it be mobile?

I had this dream of a mobile van office once.

I even started to design a coworking van that would pull up with good remote wifi and some shade for 5 or 6 frothers to work by the beach.

We’d surf and work and yarn and break bread together, drink a few froths.

Pack it all up and in the infamous words of the infamous inventor Ricardo Sanchez “Annnd awaaayyy we gooooo!”

Maybe this will be a thang.

I feel in my heart that we probably need to have another rip at this.

The Audit!

I’d also like to design a session where you could perhaps run through it live with a group of humans.

I’d dearly love to run the process for my group of four at Reunion.

To be safe, I’d allow 4 hours for the entire thing.

  • A 15 minute Checkin and group flow priming session — cough BeepBreath.
  • 90minutes to answer the questions (which I’ve slightly amended from Christine’s original)
  • 120 minutes to jam on each other’s answers.
    A protocol that Rob and I used when reflecting on round one audit was pretty rad.We read one question’s answers each and then opened up a riff.With four people this may need to be timed
  • 15mins to transition out. Meditation or at least one collective breath

…It’s a helluva journey.

IN all honesty this process is probably a days workshop.

And I know it can be done without it, but if we’re going to be running a longer term project, my intuition is to recommend this.

I’m sure this has been thought out but it could even be a retreat. Or really be part of all business team’s annual retreats, if they do those anymore.

As Murray takes us through our next session, coming up tomorrow.

I’m going to flag that with him and see where we weave it into this tapestry.

Plus the mother fucken coworking van.
Ohhh and we should have icecream too.

It’s coming up on Mid-October and I threw a mini-bomb into the mix about a SE Queensland BeepBreath tour kicking off Mid-November, which kind of goes against the emergent vibe, but then sometimes I’m a eradiculous* human.

*erratic x ridiculous with a dash of rad

And at this point I should also mention as we’re building a tech product, we’re using the MoSCoW method for development.

Something I picked up at my school (SCA) in London.

It stands for

Must: The things that must be done for the next release

Should: High priority, The things that we should do next when Must is out of the way

Could: More desirables, like the van. We could do these if we had the resources.

And Would or Won’t: I don’t see the point in Won’t. Just don’t put it on the fucken’ list,

So Would’s are just right down the bottom of the pecking order and for when you go from iteration 1.3 to iteration 2.0.

We’re currently at 1.3 and you can test it here.

If I learnt anything working at companies from startup to scale-ups with tech at the heart,

that moving too fast fucks everything.

Client’s companies, employee’s mental health, your businesses credibility etc. etc.

And I quote again From my teacher Warren Roberts’ Auntie:

“If you try and get there fast, you never get there.”

Or if you’re Zuckerberg who famously said “Move fast, break things.” Who’s now kind of broken lots of things.

Let’s all cool the collective jets and perhaps,

accelerate the deceleration for a world with a future.

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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