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Yesterday I had a yarn with a fella from Brazil.

Turned out he lives in Florianópolis.

Ahhhh Flori’, a place I experienced through a sparklingly jaded memory of deabuch and awesome.

About ten years ago about 20 of the boys descended on the town to celebrate Carnivale.

We’d heard it was where the locals partied.
And having many of our friends travel to South America previous (several now having beautiful wives from varying Latin American countries) we knew we didn’t want the tourist trail.

Do you want the stories, from that time?

Like how my friend Swanny aptly titled the…


Wrote this one down by the sea,
while my love
was throwing
her first pottery.

The carry of
creative resonance
is real…

By the way,
This isn’t the poem
This is.:

Born Made

I hear the mixed,
the off-tone.
The reversed out cymbal
parking itself across two spaces.

Encroaching the soundscape
I hear the cringe,
it fills the missing
The part note

The almost.

Far beyond Flumes
of Broken sounds
light up autonomous skies

I hear the crave,
The rave
The cave

The Lost beats
will never need
to find their way.

They were art are art yet forever…

Image: guidofua.com

Sometimes the afterparty is a let down…

This is the story of my first official day on the New Clubhouse App.

If Elon Musk reckons it’s the next big thing, everyone stops and listens and maybe it is.

“But hold up Benny!”

“WTF is Clubhouse?”

Well, it’s pretty much an invite only (for now) Apple app (for now) where you logon and join chat rooms on any topic. You can also host them yourself.

“Well….. isn’t that just a Zoom room without the video turned on?” You say

Yes. Except like the old chat rooms we used to cruise when we first got the internet in Straya about 20 years…

‘Drop ins for daze’ photo by instagram.com/kojifutami

There’s no place like it.

Probably because it’s a body(several) of water and not really a place.

Even with the debris in the water, a foreign word for foreign objects that may find themselves stuck in my Boardeaxs (French Boardies like promiscuous French women).

A swimmer in my surfclub thought he saw a shark last week.

……Turned out it was a fuge* log with a pointy branch.

The irony of this is that if a log gets picked up by a wave and that pointy end spears you through the stomach, the irony disappears, nobody cares; they’re simply both fucked…

Image: Times.co.uk

How a Spotify playlist played a part in the ACTUAL BIRTH of a little legend and the new tunes for baby two

Have you ever become a professional in a field you didn’t expect to?
No way, You too!

Until last year I didn’t even know what a Doula was, let alone that I’d soon be one.

And for all the LAST YEAR MEs out there…

Doulas are trained, non-medical professionals who provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to women before, during and after childbirth, to facilitate the best possible birth experience. (theconversation.com)

Go on Doulas!

And my Doula Discovery began with Kate and James. …

Image :https://unsplash.com/@rsanchescarvalho

“One man’s weed is another man’s medicine”

Once upon a time I used to work on a marijuana plantation and that statement above was literally true.

But that tale’s for another time. Today, I’m going to tell you a story today about how it’s ‘also’ literally true, within a different context.

Colloquially metaphorically, doing the weeding is ‘taking out the trash’.

Those fucking weeds that destroy our crops.
The bastards.

This was how I thought about the weeds before working on a farm.

Although my scientist, food forest cultivating buddy Sara Rickards once told me that weeds could be good…

Exquisite photoshop skills: https://www.julesgomes.com/

I was at the outdoor gym with my buddy Brett Robbo the other morning. He’s the happiest person I know on-the-planet. He’s also one of the fittest, both mind-fit and rig-fit. I jokingly call him the number one DILF on the Gold Coast.
If that’s lost on you, go and watch Amercian Pie, an American classic with one-liners for days.

Robbo and I were cranking through an outdoor gym workout with our little training buddy Oliver, Robbo’s two year old.

He’s a frother from way back.

Way back in the womb even due to Robbo and his wife Mari listening…

Photo https://unsplash.com/@ashkfor121

Murray, our mentor, our mate, our mator used our project to pull himself out of a funk this morning. Funk yeah!

Perfect timing too, because Rob mentioned he had to do a nude run if he hadn’t had a proper crack at the Beepbreath before our next meeting.

Accountability is a two way street in a Syntropic Decelerator Program.

Murray Galbraith rolled in to our new coworking space in Miami on the GoldCoast, Karma Hub. A pretty groovy open warehousey space with a lot of colourful humans sparking creativity throughout.

Murray, chuffed when I gave him the knuckle of appreciation…

IMage instagram.com/dreamsoftheoceans

Part of the open conversations between Rob Gronbeck and I are that we can be super clear about how we feel when we make comments or suggestions.

Some recent ones:-

I was talking about making the Beepbreath “the world’s best measurement and most fun for delivering Co2 max measurements.”

Rob left me a msg saying “What you said made me cringe a bit.”

I laughed at this.

It was so good! These visceral feelings are the most important to share, because they can land at the gnarly end of the scale and manifest hard if left unsaid.

Christine McDougall has…

Benny Wallington

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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