87 Beer Tokens — Love, Reggae & Chocolate Withdrawals

March saw me struggle my way through a world without chocolate. And it was fucking Easter - the time we celebrate Jesus sacrificing himself for his Dad Cadbury. However! I did manage to rekindle my love for live music and attended a few sweet live gigs. What’s this got to do with beer tokens?


I went to Reggae Legend Lee Scratch Perry’s 80th birthday gig.

But first we must delve into the key learnings from March:

Me and the boys on St Pat’s with BT Leprechaun

(why am I doing this - learn below)

Could You be Loved?

Well. I wasn’t, and my drought with the ladies continued in Feb’. Willington however, picked up post Reggae gig, so go him!

Here’s a tattoo on my buddy Ollie’s ribs. We agreed we were both going to get them as it was our favourite saying while working in a bar in Peru. I still haven’t got mine…
Fat Freddy’s are better than chocolate

Token Days Off — Drink Less, Live More

(The things you do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things you learn)

Plan a trip! Technically you can do this while drinking, but then you can do most things while drinking. But I’m off to my buddies wedding in Canada mid-year and have a week in front to decide what to do. The excuse of token game is enough for work colleagues and friends to stay off my back now. Little did they know that I stayed home on Friday to plan not only where I was going, but how I was going to use my tokens in June! Clever little token chief I am.

The Chocolate Challenge

El Coffee Fiasco

Second day into April and I’m testing myself in giving up Coffee for the month. Sooooo What do I do! Hungover me gets a big breakfast and smashes a coffee, only realising 5 hours later when I was in the shop and thought about getting an iced coffee. I reach for the door of the fridge when, wait a minute…IDIOT! Best make that x7 and a total £665 to charity.

March Stats: 1 failed challenge (2x instances), 5 Drinking Sessions. 4/5 tokens worth it. £315 spent in total.

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