37 Beer Tokens — Down Under, The Upside Down and My TV Debut Yew.

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August was a cracker. I spent most of it back home in Australia working and catching up, and it happened to coincide with my big debut on prime time TV back in the UK. Safe to say I first watched it using a token while sitting around with 8 of my mates, dressed in tweed and tartan, ready to go to the greyhounds. Straya!

And if this doesn’t make sense. Go back to the rules and how this all started here

Pearls (of wisdom) are a girls best friend apparently. And he’s what I learnt from girls and other things in August:

Hungover shopping

If you’re going clothes shopping for your big TV debut, don’t get hammered the day before. I hate shopping at the best of times, so buying clothes on a hangover is my idea of preparing myself a banquet of knuckle sandwiches and gorging until I spew.

Plus you end up looking like a bad Christmas decoration ^^. And not just any old bauble. The shit kind that you received as a present from your great aunty last year, and you’re Mum makes you put it up to keep the Christmas peace.

First Dates Funnies

Not a massive learning here. The TV company told me to be wary of social media and what people would say. Was all awesome, my mates took more piss than anyone else. See some post below:

If you want to watch you can stream UK here and International here. (My part starts from about 34 minute mark).

A Night at the Dogs

I think Willington(my alter-ego)is officially the first guy to get kicked out of the dogs ever. Generally one can stay in these establishments with the balance of a fat one-legged pirate on a unicycle, but somehow he managed to get booted. Still, lost all the money and got interviewed by a Swiss Newspaper. Makes you wonder what they wrote about with this lot being recorded…

High School Redemption:

I admit it now - I was a dick in school. I wasn’t a bully as such but I’d like to give people funny nicknames and probably went a bit too far at times. One token night I met up with someone I hadn’t seen since high school and was fairly nervous it would go terribly. Thank god I used a token and it lightened up the mood and it went fine. Moral of the story is that sometimes it’s good to reconnect with people that may still think of you as that c*nt who was really immature at school. Plus, I bet Jonah is a good bloke now.

Token Days off — Drink Less, Live More

(The things you do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things you learn)

Get hooked on a TV series. Super fat option, but I was ill for a while and smashed out a whole series of Stranger Things in two days. The upside down world rips and season 2 is round the corner.

Swear Jar Fail

For August I tried to give up swearing. Mainly because Channel 4 asked me what Faye and I would give up… I have the same mentality toward swearing as I do for eating whipped cream straight from the canister. It’s gross but jeez it feels good.

So I failed and my pay out rises to £120 x 11 = £1320 to charity if I fail the tokens. I’ll have to take out a loan at this rate.

Why so Salty?

Thought in September I’d try a salt-free diet. It’s so hard and really have had a shocker as it is delicous!!! Don’t tell me you’ve never got back from a swim or surf and given your dried arm a cheeky lick…. We’ll see the final outcome.

  • August Stats: 1 failed challenge (aprox’ 50,000 x instances), 9 Drinking Sessions. 9/9 tokens worth it. £600 spent in total.

Don’t forget to email me at benny@101tokens.com if you or anyone you know will be interested in taking the challenge in 2017.









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