29 Beer Tokens: Grape Stomping, Curry Guts & A Wedding Rouse

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September; I seem to remember, was one of those months, that felt like forever. Because we packed so much in, quite a shame or a bummer, to say goodbye to a fleeting London Summer.

Clever way to steal tokens. Nobody would suspect a thing was broken…

Fuck the poetry lets get stuck in!

And if this all seems super cray. Go back to the rules and how this all came to be here

There be key learnings from August and they are as follows.

Consistent Dating

I’ll admit I haven’t been a full-on datesman this year. However, I could see how the token game can be restricting. I’m one who really needs a drink when on a date to ensure my stories have the right level of embellishment. So having a consistent date through September who was welcoming of the game was delightful and it has improved my skills to chit-chat sober. That’s Awesome!

Vegetable Curry

I did full blown token pissed at the start of the month at a delicious Vego Curry house in North London. At the end of the month I did a moderate two beers, half a bottle of red token night at the same curry house. Verdict: Your farts are equally as horrendous the next day.

‘The Fart Mask’ A Jackass Original. I’m Stevo’s head and my whole bedroom is the globe.

Wedding Bells and Sweating Balls

8 pints before an Engagement party is a stupid move. But Manchester United started at 1230 and we weren’t to get to the party till 9pm, so what can you do? A few hours before said party I frolic back in the rain (a wee bit tips) when I get the message that my beautiful friends had gone and had a secret Wedding… Thus meaning the engagement was a Wedding reception. Thus meaning Water!!! Medic!!!

H20 is Better!

Luckily many litres of agua and a few No-Doze (caffeine tablets) and I was ready to dance the night away. Bonus advice: If you think you’ve had a bit too much before a big occasion, make sure your hair looks tidy and you’re cleanly shaven. Otherwise it’s a dead give-away.

Token Days Off — Drink Less, Live More

(The things you do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things you learn)

Go and pick some fruit! OK I didn’t do that this month but I did it in September about 4 years ago with my mate Swanny. We were traveling South America and took some time out from partying by working on an organic wine farm.

OK, you may see us drinking in this but we were certainly having many a day off in between!

Salt Fails:

(As well as the tokens I also give up something else I love each month)

This month I was supposed to give up salt and I didn’t do too well with this bad boy at all. Although I did cut it out where conscious. I.e. Not putting salt on chips or in my cooking. Inadvertedly it’s too hard to avoid to claim I gave it up properly so £130 x 12 = £1560 to dish over.

Out-Gunned on this one.

Chilli Chilli Bang Bang:

I love Chilli’s. In my cooking, hot sauces and the like. This is going to take some serious will-power but think I can handle it. However, Auto-pilot has screwed me many times over before so we shall see!

  • September Stats: 1 failed challenge (approx’ 15 x instances), 8 Drinking Sessions. 8/8 tokens worth it. £465 spent in total.

…For the other stories, triumphs and findings see below:










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