20 Beer tokens: FuckGiving it up, Breaking it Down and Turning Dirty 30

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Rocktober, the month I was to turn 30… I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. Questions like: How the hell did I make it this far? Have I done enough to be satisfied if I do get taken out by a celebratory rogue kebab on birthday night.

Pondering these things can drive a man crazy. But, thanks to my buddy Sara I wasn’t too worried. Cause me and my birthday friends were GIVING all the FUCKS!

Before we get the fucks though. Hit me with the key learnings I hear them say!

Lozfish Gets Hitched in the Countryside

For those playing at home, you may remember my Lozfish poster from my mate Lozza’s birthday earlier in the year.

Just incase not, hear it is again.

My learning here is based on how I rate token days and if they are worth it. I’d been running a rock solid record of late and almost hit 9/9 this month.

Unfortunately I fell just short with 8/9 and the ‘Nay’ came the day before Lozza’s wedding. I’d resigned, so it was my last day of work and I wanted to have a few beers with my colleagues. We didn’t go all out Rambo, but I was hung over from the the curry night before.

Wedding Day I.e. Third day in and I was a bit all over the place as I get up at 6am, ride, train, bus, car and then down to the south of England was a wee-punish.

Luckily hair of the dog was there to save the day, but this ancient practice is beginning to dwindle. May have to consult the god who clearly drinks “all the beers” Buddha for guidance.

Gonna Ride my Bike until I get Old

I’m leaving this title the way it is. I know the lyric is “home”, I just found out now! But i’ve been singing it this way for over five years and it works better for this anecdote so whatever.

I rode two big rides this month with my cycle buddies. First one down to Brighton and the second out to some other delicious countryside via a town named Dorking (I would have given the founding father’s son loads of shit at school had I grown up there).

Moral of the story is: joining a team means if I ride hungover and hold them up. They will be super pissed. So best to focus on the rides and then drink the beer token after. ;) Note: I still hold them up, need to train more which is a good excuse not to drink.

Never too old for the Rave Cave

Since I was old enough to appreciate techno, I’ve heard about the epic parties that take place in Manchester. Unfortunately it took me three years to get to one, but leading up to my birthday I realised a dream and got to the Manchester Warehouse Project.

Worth a token? As Ken Ay would say “Ken Ay!”. Use your tokens wisely my sons and daughters.


For the record, I hate hashtags. But when you’re trying to start a social movement they make a lot of sense. My awesome friend Sara invented this thing called FuckGiving. The essence of this is convincing the world to give more fucks.

One initiative I love is to donate one’s birthdays to FuckGiving. So instead of a massive party and everyone getting drunk etc etc. You ask people to do something nice for someone else instead.

I was proud to say my buddies embraced it and some hella-rad shit was done. Everything from donating blood through to giving an old dude a better birthday with a simple slice of cake. Many things were donated to charity and places cleaned up. This was simple for me as it was like a double token day off and made my birthday the most special birthday since everyone honoured it by getting nude at Tamarama Surf Club / the moonshine based piña coladas smashed everyone. Woo!

Token Days Off — Call Ya Family Ya’ll

(The things you do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things you learn)

FYI: You don’t need to pretend to be American from the south to do this.

I’ve lived some distance from the far-away island of Australia for about five years now, so I made sure I got some solid calling time in for my birthday.

As generally the younger one in the relationship I’m sure they appreciate it more than you do, so it’s def worth it. Plus, you’ll probably get better presents (fuckgivings) for your next birthday ;)

Chilli Manilli:

(As well as the tokens I also give up something else I love each month)

The month of the chilli and proud to say I think I gave it up for the whole month. I don’t recall eating it. I never actively put it on my food or cooking, and if I did, my usual regret never sank in. What’s more I got used to not eating it and although I love it, I don’t think it would be too tough to dodge full-time. So the funds remain - £130 x 12 = £1560 to dish over to charity.

Not Sleeping 8 hours+:

I usually sleep between 6–8 hours a night. I love the occasional 9 hour sleep (sometimes longer) but have found they wreck my energy levels. There’s research to back this up, but let’s see if I can keep it under and what affect it has.

  • October Stats: 1 complete challenge, 9 Drinking Sessions. 8/9 tokens worth it. £570 spent in total.

…For the other stories, triumphs and findings see below:











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