The September Affair & Book Club Diversions

I’m not sure there were any affairs this month, it’s just a great poster…September was a great step forward for new activities between the crew. It’s also the 3/4 mark and just ahead of the run into the silly summer season in Australia and the sillier Christmas season worldwide . Probably best to hold your hats and or mullet wigs.

Bangen poster.


This is based on an average of token crew’s updated numbers

Tokens Used: 4050

Countries tokens used in: 25

Yays vs Nays: 76% yays


Some full of wisdom, some just the things we do.

Our group is ever evolving and here is the latest distillation (hold the booze puns)

1) We’re a conscious drinking community that celebrates the good in our drinking cultures. It doesn’t matter that we are from, and living in many different countries, we all understand — or are coming to understand — what a great night out is, with and without alcohol.

2) We’re learners and crave new experiences. This drive evolves into growing our own communities or joining new ones on the way.

Whether it’s Joe starting a gourmet ‘Gamechanger BBQ’ business on the side and throwing epic events or Lav finishing a novel and having the crew (some he’s never met) give it a critique, this sense of community is the best thing we’ve got and the cutting back on the booze is just a catalyst.

Fire Starter!

Whatayaknow.. Just a small bunch of token crew joining the inaugural 101 tokens Whatsapp Book Club. Living in three different countries was a test and it was clear we hadn’t been in a book club before, so just we winged it and started speaking our minds about Orwell’s 1949 masterpiece ‘1984’.

Is that Drunk Marty?

Anyone who’s read it knows the commentary on a futuristic society that draws parallels with our current one is pretty mental. The injection of Kate to the fold was well received too. Exercising her new skills as an English Teacher certainly gave us a broader perspective on the book. One big takeaway learnt - Don’t read this book before you go to bed…


What we use our tokens for:

Speedy Saturdays


The things we do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things we do

We Garden
We battle
We carve up


Check out Talya and Marty as they let us into their lives as a Token Couple. The stiffening of the rubber arm and fighting against evil murderous alter-egos mixed with overcoming adversity. Love it!

Peace out legends,


Old ones…









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