101 Beer Tokens: What I learned from ‘What I learned from not drinking for two years’

A few days ago I was checking my best of Medium feed and am usually the first to ignore a story about someone’s ‘miraculous’ life changing experience of cutting out the shit in their life. Booze, drugs, McDonald’s; whatever it is, I feel like I don’t need to know as they’re usually OTT and I generally believe I possess the willpower to give anything the flick if I absolutely must. I just choose not to.

But something grabbed me with Andy Boyle’s article — it was probably that I dig his style and no nonsense writing. But more so, the way booze strangles most of the same things with me as it did with him.

Let me paint the picture — I don’t get Charlie Sheen blind all the time. I drink 4–5 times a week, and unfortunately a few vinos or pints at the local pub really smash into the budget and we know how a tipple quickly turns into a belter.

Belter outcome: Stunts creativity with nil shits given about anything other than the couch and watching Vikings, not to mention the lack of cash to pump into my business or other hobbies. So this had to stop for 2016 and thanks to Andy I’ve come up with ‘101 Beer Tokens’.

Here are the rules:

  • The period runs from 1st January — 31st December (365 days)
  • I have 101 ‘beer tokens’- Just under two tokens per week
  • One sip of anything alcoholic uses a token.
  • A whole night out with unlimited drinks still only uses a token (you roll eyes — my experiment, my rules)
  • If a night out goes through and past 7am the next day, then that is two tokens and so on.
  • I must note every time I use a token on my 2016 calendar accompanied by Cash spent and yay or nay. I.e. Was it worth it or not?

As I said “THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT”. Many possible things could come out by New Years Day 2017. Like… I may be throwing up about how much cash I’ve still spent. I could be in the dumps that only 3% of my drinking nights were worth it. Maybe my liver will be split in two because I’ve overcompensated on those token nights.

It’s too early to truly predict, but here’s the story so far:

It’s the 7th and I’ve drank a total of three nights for a total of about £40— both Nays. Big weekend of farewells to come so I’m thinking it’ll be a shit start.

Pound Store Bargain

I know this isn’t going to seem like an extraordinary feat to most people. That’s because it isn’t to most people, but the most important thing to me is beating myself, and maybe once the results are in I’ll have learnt something rad. Or maybe not and I'll be pissed off about how I missed out on so many delicious beers.

The final piece of the puzzle: Because I like to gamble I’ll throw some cash at one of my favourite charities if I fail. Let’s say whatever the most expensive night on the booze is x4. December may be a shitty month…

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