101 Beer Tokens: The New Years Resolution that you’ll actually commit to for 365 days

For 2016 I decided to change my lifestyle in an effort to do three things:

  • Drink Less
  • Save Money
  • Increase Health & Well Being

I committed to cutting down my drinking from 4–5 x per week to less than 2 per week by giving myself a cap of 101 Beer Tokens for the year. To clarify: That’s 101 sessions (not individual beers) and If I go over 101 then I will pay out a legit sum of cash to my favourite charity. Here’s the stats as of Mid-November:

That’s roughly $5,000 AUS or $3,700 US saved

I’m on target to stay under 101! I’m on the way to proving to myself that I could do it and in 2017 I’m inviting people to join me on next year’s mission.

You can sign up at www.101tokens.com

To read the full rules and sign up CLICK HERE.

BUT 101 is a lot!

People always say this and to some it may be, but 101 was my number because it was cutting my drinking down by over half. This isn’t to say that people have to do 101, they can make it 20, 52 or 150, it’s up to them.

So far, I have 20 odd signups from across the world. My dream is to have 101 onboard to create a community that not only talks about what they are learning from a more conscious drinking lifestyle, but also the amazing things they do instead of smashing 10 beers or spending a whole day on the couch hungover.

Now, I’m not saying that these are the worst things in the world; the reason I started the Token Lifestyle is to allow for you to choose when and where you drink and to reflect on that decision by simply asking yourself: “Was it worth it?”

I have learnt a lot these past 11 months, but I’m clearly not an angel and did some lairy things over this past year. So my goal is to make sure the 20% of nights that weren’t worth it are down to 0% in 2017. I also want to cut down from 101 tokens, but will work that number out in December.

Please also take note that the community idea is just for support and learning cool new things about yourself and others. So if people just want to do this mission on their own and keep it personal, that’s also totally fine.

Putting your money where your drink hole is…

To make this interesting I swore I’d pay out to my favourite charity what my most expensive night out was x 4. This has accumulated over the year and if I stay under 101 then no money changes hands, which is a bit of a shame.

To be fair, I’m going to do some volunteering in place of the cash, but for 2017 we’ve got a better idea and are teaming up with my buddy who runs this fantastic company called Promise or Pay. He’s even created a special section for us Token Goers here.

Promise or Pay is simple:

  1. Make a Promise: Enter the token allowance you’re allowed for the year.
  2. Put Money on it: How much money you’d be willing to part with and which charity the money goes to.
  3. Get Support: Share your promise and get others to donate to keep it.

If you fail: You pay the promise fee to your chosen charity.

If you stay under: Your friends who supported you will pay and know that they’ve not only donated to a great cause, but have also shaped a better you.

How to Keep Track

I have mapped out my tokens for the year using a £1 Winnie the Pooh Calendar. Feel free to go full digital with this and use your G-cal or something, I just like having it there on my desk to remind me, plus Tiga and Eeyore are pretty good at keeping me inline.

Another advantage of the Token Calendar is if you’re like me and don’t keep a good diary, this will literally give you a snap-shot of your entire 2017. Feel free to throw out after use ;).

This is literally - in 30 years on the planet - the first NY’s Resolution that I believe I’m going to commit to and I’m pretty stoked.

2017 is the year I share the stoke!

Do you, or somebody you know need this in their life? Please share or signup @ www.101tokens.com

For more information, quotes or interviews, email me here - benny@goodseats.org

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