February Meatloaf into Wedding Season

Ni noo ni nu nu, Ni noo ni nu nu…

Hello hello, the token crew continues to grow, even outside those of us taking the challenge.

There are many tales to tell this month but among the standouts was one of our token crew members ‘Thomas’ kindly asking his mate ‘Cullen’ to crank out a sick illustrated logo for us. Dah dah!

Ironically a number of us are using bottle caps to count our tokens, the perfect symbolic ritual to help us reflect on Yay or Nay. A few others are using marbles, which also works because when you use too many tokens, losing your marbles is guaranteed.


This is based on an average of token crew’s updates

Tokens Used: 1250+

Countries tokens used in: 12ish

Yays vs Nays: 70%ish yays.

Single highest tokens used by one person: 15

Single Lowest: 4 x 2 people (One a week is dedication)

I can hear you now. Get the fuck on with it…


Some collective finds and some individual stoke

Ding Ding Weddings are the Dingers

Weddings are out and out leaders of favourite Tokens used and if it’s not the day, it’s an Engagement, Hens or Stag party that wins out. It makes sense, they tend to be the lairiest times as shown with a number of the flare ups below.

The Token rationale becomes rational

Explaining the game can be a semi-frustrating part of the token experience. “Why 101? How many drinks can you have? Why aren’t you using one now? etc.” But with the first month behind us, the majority of the crew have their friends and family down with the rules, and how they plan to take on the remainder.

Inevitably those closest are now honoured when we do have a beer with them and are amazed when they see us learning new skills and trying new things, rather than getting belted. Awesome to hear that many of you have even become an inspiration too.

We’re Getting it Done

One of our crew Katie went along to a European handball social event she’s been meaning to go to since last year. One of those ones where the stinky hangover gets in the way and it’s easy to put off.

First trip and gets selected in their premier team. Props to Katie.

Our message is that this is the year we agreed to stop putting things off and step up from being Average Joes.


What we use our tokens for:


The things we do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things we learn:


European handball Katie features again with an honest recount of her experiences so far. As one of our youngest token crew who is finishing university it’s interesting to see how she is dodging all the booze pressure that comes with Uni. Let’s face it, most of us majored in skulling goonbags and being late to class- so double props to Katie.

Dive in for some football related funnys, Stong Yays, Regrettable Nays and several token related injuries:

Next month is already looking awesome with many a fucks given both personally and in the small business world for our token crew.

Drink Less, Live More legends.

To Dive Back in Time:


Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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