That’s a shit pun, literally.

5/12s through the year and we’re having our ups and downs like any masters of destiny would. I chose King Kong as the feature this month because he’s a fighter and that’s the kind of muscle we need to get through the rest of this challenge. Kong On!

Kong On

Confused about what the 101 token game is?


This is based on an average of token crew’s updated numbers

Tokens Used: 2450+

Countries tokens used in: 18

Yays vs Nays: 74% yays

Single highest tokens used by one person: 16

Single Lowest: 0.


Some super obvious, other not so much…

Viking Around

‘Make it Count’ is a mantra we live by when deciding to embark on a token day. One of our Token crew Joe, took a bunch of other Token crew members and their Iron Maidens out to the English countryside to do just that. This is the epitome of making it count.

Went all kinds of next level on this one.

The day not only culminated in 11/10 ratings by all who attended, but also allowed Joe to pump up the volume on his delicious side-project - Game Changer BBQ. Specialist Viking cuisine and an authentically brewed Ale were features of the extravaganza. I think we all wish we’d flown in for this one.


FuckFest — An Orgy of Ideas

A huge part of the reason that the Token Challenge exists in its current form is down to the collaboration of the team participating. We share stories, tools and other motivations for getting through the year.

Another big reason, is a Token Crew Member Sara who gives heaps of Fucks with her social movement FuckGiving. She ran a where a group of people from different walks of life solved a brief for a better world. A few of the Token Crew attended and besides the solution to the brief, the weekend has allowed a new wave of thinking to emanate. More on this to come! But collaboration and blue sky thinking are the real winners for achieving anything you put your mind to.

The Worms

101 Tokens official statistician Marty threw this together. A pretty cool way to look at the progress of some of our team and evaluate strategy for the remainder of the year. Something to incorporate officially into Token 2018…



What we use our tokens for:

Two Tokeners Tie the Knot
We Ibiza Balls
We Celebrate School’s Out


The things we do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things we do

We Meditate
We Bake the Force
We Break PBs


Thanks Bailey! This is a lovely look back on a powerful journey that takes a massive twist.

Fantastic to see some of Bailey’s physical and business led achievements and how she really makes the best use of her Token Days Off. Should kickstart some ideas for the rest of the team. Well, maybe not all of us ;)

Drink Less, Live More. Almost half way through. Woo!


To dive back in time:





Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.

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