A semi-dry July x London Pride

July is firing for the token crew north of the Equator, while us southerners live vicariously through your Instagram pages. That’s the beauty of the token crew being global - we get to give it straight back to you in about 3 months time ;)

And while, we do support the efforts of the sobriety programs that raise a lot of important questions and cash for worthy causes. We’ve taken on the 101 tokens lifestyle because we want control over our drinking for the entire year. And also because we’re as cool as 90’s Kevin Costner.

Staapp! Confused about the 101 tokens lifestyle? Check it here


This is based on an average of token crew’s updated numbers

Tokens Used: 3,120

Countries tokens used in: 24

Yays vs Nays: 77% yays


Some full of wisdom, some just need to be said.

Sharing the love

As advocates for a sensible drink, there’s no better occasion to have a beer or cocktail than when you’re supporting your loved ones. Of course we have to be mindful and not get too overexcited, but one of the beauties of booze in moderation is the ability to express feelings for each other, in a way you might usually be more reserved.

None more so important than celebrating and supporting the rights of our LGBT community. Here’s Alice in LondonLand - dancing the afternoon away with a cheeky G&T.

If you’re in Australia, make sure you get involved in sending off your vote for marriage equality very soon and sharing the love.

Taking back your mornings

It’s not like they ever really went anywhere, and you’ve probably heard this mantra a million times via other awesome sobriety communities like Hello Sunday Morning.

But we should give this a special mention because it’s truth for all our crew. It’s a consistent piece of feedback that with clarity of mind comes better performance. Whether it’s making sure you’re switched on when you hit the tools or firing up the laptop. Even just making sure you’re fully present in the room when catching your friends and family on the weekends. It really is a fantastic thing to snatch back the early mornings.

Or like Loz, who gets up pretty much every morning to enjoy the sights of Sydney’s east coast. If only we all had that willpower we could all enjoy the sights our local living has to offer.

Potentially this could be a monthly challenge if anyone wants to fire up a support group?


What we use our tokens for:

We appreciate the world
We finish Uni!
We earn it.


The things we do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things we do

We fish with buddies
We museum
We make the most of them


Step into the life of an Ex-pat working in Singapore and trying to avoid the temptations of living the postcard life. Inevitably leading to winding down after a long day of exploring and exercising the willpower to avoid those cheeky wines.

For little slice of serendipity thrown in too, check out Court’s token write up below:

Oh What a feeling

We’re getting closer to the end of the year too and firing up for our next intake. If you want to join the crew even in a casual capacity to see what we’re all about, send me a message at 101beertokens@gmail.com

Benny :D

To dive back in time:







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