Half Whey June and the Lord of the Tokens

It’s surreal to think that half the year is done. It’s a great reference point for looking at how many tokens we’re on and building strategies for taking down the rest of the year.

Some doing Dry July. Others have the freedom to continue on the same path. Whichever way the rest of the year’s going to go, we’ve all got each others backs which is amazing.

Hold uppp! Confused about the 101 token lifestyle is? Check it here


This is based on an average of token crew’s updated numbers

Tokens Used: 2900+

Countries tokens used in: 21

Yays vs Nays: 78% yays

Single highest tokens number for the year: 80

Single Lowest for the year: 12



Some super obvious, other not so much…

That Burning Question

And no we’re not talking about seeking out advice from your doctor based on an inflamed liver, as we don’t get that anymore ;) But it does lead me to the number one question that I, and I know a lot of the token crew get asked when explaining the lifestyle, which is:

So that means you can just get drunk AF 101 times a year?

The answer to this is simple… Yes. (The crowd goes quiet)

But! this is far from the end of the conversation. What needs to follow is that if this were the case then you would be doing it all wrong. The token lifestyle was never setup to empower people to get thrown out of bars and to throw up all over themselves on the way home. It was created so people could take control of their drinking through the simple ‘Self Enquiry’ exercise that we employ. This being, asking yourself a simple question — Was it worth it?

If we’re continually getting nays then this is the trigger to change ones actions. So while we may accidentally have the odd mistake ridden blow out (I still do), this gives us the perfect opportunity to say I’ll take a water instead of the double scotch next time you’re on the lash.

Adventures in our own Backyards

Almost as good as building a fort out of pillows in your Mum’s lounge room. One thing our crew are bangen’ at is looking for exciting things to do instead of the pub. All the stuff you would probably only do if a friend or relative came to visit you. Museums, new bush walks, cycling the list goes on.

Finding micro-adventures is pretty powerful and something we’ll be looking to turn up the heat on as we move into the final part of 2018. Watch this space.


What we use our tokens for:

We make everyone jealous at Glastonbury.
We have pre-surf beers. FYI not condoned. :D
We celebrate a job well done.


The things we do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things we do

We have bubs.
We hang out with buddies.
We cycle round the world.


Thanks to Mel this month for the rad blog post. Some powerful learnings into living the Token lifestyle. Adventures, escapism and the importance of family all come up in Mel’s insightful piece .

Sitting pretty on 51, she’s bang on target and we’re looking forward to seeing how the second half of the year unfolds.

Click here for Mel’s post.

Drink Less, Live More. Half way done and dusted. Woo!

Benny xo

To dive back in time:






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