We March On and so does Taylor Swift

One freakin’ quarter down! 25% of the challenge. Phwoaaaahhh and man do I feel inspired every time I speak to someone about their token journey. It’s in no way smooth sailing all the time, but it’s the grit and determination and maybe the inner Mel Gibson (you can pick which one you are) that will get us over the line.

Some real revelations this month and some powerful words across the board from the crew to come.


This is based on an average of token crew’s updated numbers

Tokens Used: 575, (1800 total)

Countries tokens used in: 13

Yays vs Nays: 73.14% yays. Up 3.14%

Single highest tokens used by one person: 17. But he was on holidays skiing in the Alps and making them count.

Single Lowest: Big fat zero. Stellar effort.

Big Data that!


Some collective finds and some individual stoke

That’s all she Toked

There are many a fringe benefits to the token game. The flow on effects of goodness that occur because you’re taking yourself out of the usual social situations that generally insight questionable habits. None more so than the darts, durries, duzzahs, sport sticks, shmoks or whatever you’d like to call them. We’re stoked to say there’s a significant decrease in smoking among the crew. Some have even kicked the habit completely. This goes for the Lord’s finest green as well. Praise be the tokens.

Get Swifty

Our people have different ways to record their tokens while we at HQ pull our fingers out and make a digital friend to keep in their pockets. In the meantime they use online calendars, notepads, some have found cheeky little apps to use. BUT! Others, the more AI next level computer heads among us, go full analog baby. One fun guy named Billy uses the power of Taylor Swift to mark his tokens. He says she’s keeping him on track and out of trouble too!

Super cool Snobbibytch!

The Novelist and his token apprentices

So one of the guys finished a novel. Not just a short story, an actual 90,000+ word beast. What’s even cooler is that Lav (the Novelist) has turned to our token community to get some initial feedback. I know two of us have already finished the prologue and first 5 chapters. Thus, it’s not just a novel, it’s a sick novel!

We’re glad to know that token days off played a part in getting this done. And now it takes token days off from us readers to give him decent feedback. Some kind of weird circular economy of bookworms going on here. Pound it!


What we use our tokens for:

We get Married — Lad!
We turn 60
We Hen with Spiders


The things we do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things we learn

We bend (The sober kind)
We ‘give’ Pints
We make mother fkn Hollywood Movies


We’ve been excited for this one for a while. Sara helped a lot with turning 101 tokens into an actual thing as we were goal buddies for the back end of ’16 and start of ‘17. So without her, all this wouldn’t exist. What’s more she took up the challenge and was the first to put her money where her mouth is, pledging 10k that she’d stay under 101. Scary but awesome.

Now, She’s on a mission to make the world give more fucks, and if the last three months are anything to go by, we’ll all be full-time Fuckgivers before we know it!

Check out the amazingness here! http://fuckgiving.co/new-blog/http://fuckgiving.co/2017/1/17/new-post-title-5

Peace out guys. Drink Less Live More and keep up the froth. Here’s to another quarter of madness and legendary efforts. :D

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