This is January and we are Pumped

Boom! The Token Game officially has more players now. Around the world, there are 90 of us taking on our inside voices to prove that we can cut our drinking and achieve some cool shit in the meantime.

What’s the token game you ask — here’s a link to our website

It really feels like this sometimes.

While we get some formal applications for tallying in place here’s my rough estimate on where the group is at:

Tokens Used: 700+

Countries tokens used in: 15 odd

Yays vs Nays: 80%ish yays.

Single Highest tokens used by one person: 27 ‘Anonymous’

Single Lowest: 2x people completed Dry January. Bravo!

Cash Spent: Funk knows! But I’m sure the savings have been the more impressive stat anyway.

Lots of exciting things to come because within this group of dedicated legends we have entrepreneurs, creatives, web developers, writers, designers, sportsmen and performers. And the list goes on…

So what have they been up to? What have we learnt? What’s the real meaning of life?

To Token or not to Token? That is the Question…


We really are a Crew!
So far it’s become apparent that we’re not taking on this challenge alone. It’s a team thang! People are asking for advice, providing suggestions on how to attack a boozeless weekend. Sharing get healthy plans, programmes and initiatives. And let’s not forget, sharing some of the lairy things they’ve been getting up to using those delicious tokens. See below and follow our instagram for more

Heat Waves aren’t token friendly

A lot of the Token guys live in and around Sydney and we officially had our hottest January ever with the highest recorded temp being 45 and some places averaging 32.

Needless to say it was a strong effort for people to stick to the H2O over the golden nectar, but I’m sure they accounted for many an unplanned token this month.

101 Tokens is building

Just from word of mouth we’ve had people wanting to assist with our cause. App developers, logo designers, event planners and even a few cheeky brands. It’s exciting to see what 101tokens will look like in 3, 6 and 11 months time. Both the people and the concept are in for some epic changes.

We’ve even got our first sexy sponsor in Onyx Coffee Spirits. Still working out the activities, but for anyone who loves a cold brew coffee or a delicious Espresso Martini, these guys have you covered.


What we use our tokens for.

To get engaged!
Celebrate our nation, mate-ship & winning of course.


The things we do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things we learn.

Perfecting Sailing Techniques
Building a business
Zenning on


One of my favourite #tokendaysoff was from Lavan last month— read below.

Lav’s our guest writer for January which not only saw him prosper with the above, but also ponder things like first dates, parental perceptions on ‘alcoholism’ and the advantages of a fatter wallet. All the way from The Negroni Nation, Italy. Take it away Lav:

Tokens for Good

Our token wagers are starting to trickle in too, because if you go over your token quota you have to pay out to a charity of your choice:

A Novelist, Marathon Runner and DJ walk into a bar… This isn’t a joke. Just a few of the things the people in our group have committed to this year. Bring on the rest!

Experiments in Vice Optimisation, Regenerative Business Building, Flow States and other random radness.