10 Beer Tokens: Ronaldiño, Super Tubes & Viking Death Metal

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November, the penultimate month of the year and a crucial one to ensure that I had enough tokens remaining for my return to Australia and the festive season.

As the old saying goes, it’s hard to say No in November. But, one thing stood in the way. A cheeky Euro-trip. Mi-Fucken’-Scusi!

Mi Scusi, Here are the learnings of this fine month:

Five Guinness's thanks

Not the smartest way to start off a big night of farewell drinks, with lunch time brew . Although my old CEO and I did come up with some wise new ways to think about my business. Conclusion: Guinness is a thinking man’s drink.

Probably the following 10 beers n’ shots that did it, but this was going to be a Nay night due to a lost jacket and bag. But I’ll take the hit for such awesome friends and an epic send off, so def’ a ‘Yay’ night.

Don’t get a Jurassic Park phone

On one of the ‘Nay’ nights I managed to smash my expensive new phone. Since, I’ve punished myself with a shitty cheap small phone to remind me of my stupidity.

Crazy that there’s a method to the madness: If you’ve had a small phone your whole life and are used to one-handed skill texting, don’t get a big one that needs two. Big phone + lots of beers + texting = dropped smashed phone. It’s science.

Go to Portugal in European winter.

I was there in November. It’s hot, got epic waves and beers are really cheap when you want to smash a token.

I’m a massive fan of street parties and they definitely know how to do these on the Lisbon streets. One downfall- they go till forever o’clock in the morning and when you’ve got to get up a few hours later for a conference with football legends and some of the biggest tech-cats in the industry… It can be a punish.

Swedish Illiterates and the Pork fiasco.

Two instances of being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and not speaking the language.

  1. Decide to have a pork roast. See pig on the wrapper. Buy pig. Overcook ham.
  2. Go to nightclub. Turns out gay bar. Wondering why blonde girls not interested. Beats are rad. Still super fun.

PS. Everyone speaks English. We’re idiots.

Silver Lining: Earlier in the night we met a dude who looked like a Viking. I’d been trying to find one in Stockholm all week. Turned out he was in a famous death metal band so wouldn’t let us have a photo.

Token Days Off — Go Surfing

(The things you do instead of drinking are ALMOST the most important things you learn)

If you get the chance, just give it a crack.

I’m average, but it doesn’t matter. It’s legit the best place to clear your mind and sometimes sort out problems too. I spent 5 days on the Portuguese coast. Surfing, running, reading and eating.

I recommend learning for at least a week and away from your job and all the other bullshit in your life.

Not Sleeping 8 hours+:

(As well as the tokens I also give up something else I love each month)

I usually sleep between 6–8 hours a night. I challenged myself to not sleep longer than 8 hours as the long sleeps tend to screw me over. I failed at least twice. Mainly due to a monster hangover and Portugal is a tough place to stay under. Still, these tests make me more conscious of what I’m trying to achieve. Baby steps and hope to keep this up.

Write Something Everyday

One of my favourite sayings is ‘Walk to Run’. Meaning if you want to do something and avoid procrastination, then do something that is progressing toward the task. E.g. I want to go for a run, get up off the couch and walk around first.

In December, I’m trying to write something everyday. Anything, so long as I’m forming a new habit, because I want to write content and scripts forever, 100 times, all adventures, Bennywriting.com, till the end of time and 100 years. P.s. Watch Rick and Morty.

  • November Stats: 1 complete failed, 10 Drinking Sessions. 8/10 tokens worth it. £470 spent in total.

…For the other stories, triumphs and findings see below:












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